Bedtime & Writing

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#1. Make up some imaginative bedtime rituals. Get your family and friends to write some, too. Be sure to add lots of details to your idea. Draw or paint a picture of it!
Here is one that makes me laugh: I picture myself riding my pet dragon around the neighborhood. We fly over houses and swoop down below the trees. We stay out until I am so tired that I can’t wait to get into bed!
#2. Write a story, pretending that you are the babysitter for Cheryl, Michelle, and Joel. Include at least three things you would do with them to make them tired!
#3. Write a poem about Cheryl, Michelle, Joel, and YOU at an amusement park. What ride would you go on first?
           Here is a sample poem. You can do better than this!
                         I love to go on a merry-go-round
                         Of all the rides I’ve ever found
                         A merry-go-round’s what I love
                         Compared to the others, it’s a cut above!