Jealousy & Writing

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  1. Describe what you think JEALOUSY looks like. Is it a green blob with mean black eyes and an angry red mouth? Is it a red square with purple lines sticking out of it and an orange center? You decide! Then draw it. Now write a paragraph describing your picture. Be sure to include its size, shape, and coloring. You can even write how it makes you FEEL when you look at it. Ask a friend to do this activity with you. Compare your different ideas. Be creative and have fun!
  1. What would you have done to help Ethan in The Schlimpoon and Jealousy? Write down your ideas about helping him lose his jealousy. Would you have him sing a song or do sit-ups? What other things could he do to distract himself from his jealousy? Draw a picture showing what YOU would have Ethan do.
  1. Schlimpoon pointed out to Ethan that he had a great gift! His friends liked being with him and he was very clever. Think of all the things that you are good at. Many things make each of us special. Maybe you are good at gymnastics or soccer. Maybe you are good at reading or math. Maybe you are a great friend. Choose one thing and write about it. You can even write about more than one thing! Get going and WRITE!