Jealousy & Math Fun

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  1. Make up story problems using the list below OR make up your own list using advertising flyers.
    • Here is an example of a story problem you can solve:
      • Name two toys I can buy for under $20.00. How much change will I get back?
  1. Ask your parent if you can set up a chart that lists chores and the  amount of money you can earn. Have your parent go online with you to or You can find a list of chores for children at different ages.

Here is a sample chart:

    • DUST your room                                    $.25
    • MAKE your bed                                      $.35
    • Wash the dinner dishes                        $.50
  1. Make a Venn Diagram. You can find samples at or other websites. It is two circles overlapping.

Interview a friend or family member for each Venne Diagram. On the LEFT side of the circle, write what makes YOU jealous. On the RIGHT side of the circle, write what makes the OTHER PERSON jealous. In the MIDDLE, write what makes BOTH of you jealous. I suggest you make a plan to work on the things that make BOTH of you jealous. What might Schlimpoon say to you?