Meet the Author

Judy Siegel

Hi! I am so happy to share THE SCHLIMPOON Books with you! I wrote the ten stories for my daughters to enjoy!

When I was teaching third and fourth grades, I shared these SCHLIMPOON stories with my students. We all know there is no secret friend, who is invisible to parents. But, gee whiz, wouldn’t that be great? I think anyone, no matter how old, would LOVE to have Schlimpoon fly down from her home in the clouds and solve their problems! Don’t you?

You won’t believe one of the most fun SCHLIMPOON-Y things that my former students did! In the spring, a group of them would create a new problem that Schlimpoon could solve. They’d come into my class and surprise my students with their skit. One of them was in pink, green, and yellow, playing the part of Schlimpoon. She, of course, saved the day.

What do you know about me so far? You know I am a mom with two daughters. You know that I was a teacher. NOW, I am a grandmother with three grandkids! I volunteer in my grandchildren’s classes at school. I have even gotten to share SCHLIMPOON stories with their friends.
I cannot wait for YOU to get to know Schlimpoon, too!

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